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Vertie’s  mission is to provide quality, affordable housing for residential communities. 

 t further employed its executive and experienced leadership team who know how to get the job done on budget and time. Apart from it, it has its extensive experience in developing properties through the use of the recent real estate software technology. This is responsible in estimating the construction for the rehab properties.  

Vantage also employed its experienced contractors, sub-contractors, realtors and managers that provide an excellent return of investment. They mainly assist clients’ starting from the concept down to the completion of a wide array of rehabilitation projects, developments and large-planned communities. It also assists many clients in the rehab of affordable communities and construction.

Through partnerships and collaborations with investors, contractors and realtors, Vertie LLC commitment is to provide quality housing. Their efforts and constructions are enough in returning homes on their original condition. The staff is composed of talented individuals. The company also acquired its tremendous record of rehabilitating houses into profitable and ready complex’s or homes.

Rehab and Development

In aiming a residential development and rehabilitation, we are maintaining control on the construction and design process that ensures that the project has met the most quality and highest standards. Our work is focused on well-crafted, extremely affordable and exceptionally beautiful homes. It is a part of our sincere commitment to generate profit for customers that we deliver projects at the right budget and on time.

We rehabilitate residential properties every month and we love to increase the number of homes to beautify every month. We have started to rehab properties along the highest standards that are a part of doing our business. Apart from it, we manage different stages of every project from the construction to the pre-design phase. As mentioned, we deal with specialized people who can help with the residential rehabilitation.

With strong financial support and years of experience, Vertie LLC provides a full-service and solution to a wide array of rehab and develop residential properties in California. Our construction teams are ready to devote their time that ensures of a successful and completed project.  

As we collaborated with our trained experts, the process of rehabilitating and developing residential properties begins. All of the staff is insured and licensed bonded and has long years of experience in the field.  Along the presence of construction staff, they work in treating the home as if their own throughout the process. The noise levels are kept low and the site is cleaned as possible. As part of our mission, we deliver a truly transformed residential property.

Vantage Investments LLC is also best known for keeping all projects under budget and on time. Rehabilitated homes are turned back to clients that make us a perfect choice among investors. By giving us a chance to rehab or remodel your property, you can now see for yourself why we are an industry leader in rehabbing or developing residential properties.

After closing on the investment deals, we guide you throughout the step-by-step process. You can lean on us throughout the process because we are available twenty-four hours. We are always ready to answer your questions to get in the right track. When we already settled the renovation plans, we will start the construction on the residential properties.

About Us

Vertie LLC, specializing in rehabbing and developing residential properties,  provide the best ROI on all investments with  experienced sub-contractors, contractors and project managers.

As a California based corporation, we pay attention to the smallest details in our projects. We also focused on providing a wide array of improvements on the residential properties. We also help in getting the properties for sale at the soonest time possible. It is also our focus to meet the quality and high standard of craftsmanship. We also make certain that the appropriate materials are used for all jobs.

With several years of experience, we focus in rehabbing, designing and building residential properties. As a property investor, we know that your time is mainly valuable. Your properties must be prepared that we are a perfect choice for you. We also make certain that the job is done at the right time. We are the best because we get it done on the scheduled time along the expense budget.

We also specialize in acquiring properties; four bedroom and two bathroom property in the southern part of San Diego. We also have rehabbed the front part of the home and improved its curb appeal. We also have added an extra bathroom and bedroom along other additions.

Even the properties in the southern part of San Diego were renovated perfectly.  Vantage also managed building a lot with two bath room and two bedrooms. The building mainly include sewage, plumbing, electrical, city permits. It also passed through the many different phases of developing the rental property. Throughout the whole project, we manage and control the overall rehabbing and developing of properties. We are insured, bonded and licensed in California for the safety. We are also known in meeting the expectations of people on well-crafted and beautiful properties.

We also provide services that include building properties for flips or rentals. Our company also conducts property reviews that include specifications before we receive quote from the many various construction contractors. Apart from it, we offer rehabilitation of properties that can be utilized as rentals or be flipped.

We even collaborate with investors, contractors and realtors. In some occasions, we lend our expertise on real estate to help in developing the philanthropic, business or community organizations.

Competitive Pricing

You can expect a beautiful reconstruction at affordable prices. We are not skimping out on all materials that we are using. We are only after providing for the excellent materials. We cooperate and stand by to the quality work that we can provide for customer satisfaction. We are working at the desired budget level and making modifications to improve the overall value of residential properties.

Our Team

Our team of executives has combined eighty years of experience in different features of business that range from business, law, finance, real estate operations and the like.

Below are the bios of our executives:

Dr. Troy Roland, the President

Dr. Troy Roland is the president and founder who rehabbed and bought many residential properties. In the year of 2009, he leveraged his background to rehabbing homes. He co-founded the company that is becoming known at the present time.

Vanessa Roland, COO

Vanessa Roland is the chief operating officer that has been focused in the construction operations for twenty years. She has worked on the residential development and improved the projects in the southern areas of San Diego.

She is also providing the daily operations and oversights the insurance, healthcare packages and benefits for the personnel.

Donald Oder, Lawyer

Serving as an attorney for the past twenty years, Oder has been representing corporate, residential and commercial law. He is a contract legal representatives on behalf of Vertie LLC who also conducts reviews of the strategic documents.

Through the assistance of our team, we welcome investors and provide for the best rehabilitation of residential properties. As mentioned, we further analyze each opportunity in avoiding disruption throughout the process. While we are working on the project, we pay a closer attention on the details. We also choose for the excellent materials and follow the section guidelines.

At Vantage Investments LLC, we rehab and develop properties that are valued substantially at two-hundred dollars or so. Our projects uphold true to our excellent reputation as part of our work history. We are working well even under pressure and are not missing any deadline. Our final project is a beautiful and gorgeous remodeled home.

High value and honest work is the core value of Vantage Investments, LLC.


Are you looking for the best company that responds to your rehab and real properties construction needs? Then, you don’t have to worry about. Thanks to Vantage Investments LLC! Our company is here to help you out with your entire construction and investments concerns.

Vantage Investments LLC is one of the highly recognized companies all over the world. We put emphasis on the development and of rehab and residential properties you always wanted to have. We help our customers to acquire satisfaction results through our exceptional services. We always give them high quality assurance that we can be their best buddy in acquiring a highly develop residential properties and rehab that they really deserved. Our company gives clients the best and high quality results on time with great percentage of guarantee that every penny they are going to spend would always be worth for the type of results they will get.

To give you a wide array of information with our offered services, simply consider the following as your reference:

Real Estate Development Services

We are known for the excellent real estate development services that we provide to our customers. Our long years of experience in this type of service makes way for people to get interested with our company since all the results that they would be acquiring would be all worth it.

Our real estate development services cover building real estate properties that can be flipped or for the purpose of rentals. We make sure that real estate property specifications would be the basis of our framework with this service.  We have our professional construction contractors that would be in-charge of building your real estate properties as soon as the real estate properties reviews and plans would be finalize already.

Real Estate Rehab Services

We are not only more on real estate properties as a whole since we are also building rehabs for the benefit of the people. Rehabs that our contractors build can be also used for rentals or can be just flipped to be part of your real estate properties. Rehab in our company is well-built to be restored or rehabilitated for the benefit of the people.

Consulting Services

We are not initiating with the specific type of services you wish our company would be providing you if you have not undergone the most important service we always puts emphasis on. We welcome customers who have undergone consulting services. Thus, we check and have an agreement first before we execute the desired service suited on your needs. We do this to assure that we can always be a great help to our clients and not to be an additional burden to them.

These are just some of the effective and convenient services of our company. We always make sure that through the great help of our company, you can always be given the chance to have highly developed and excellent rehab and residential properties development services on time.

Real Estate Development

As of today, more and more people are familiar with the real estate development services that most companies and corporations really wish them to be part of. There are huge numbers of companies they may get in touch with and one of them is the Vantage Investments LLC.

We are highly recognized as one of the most reputable companies that specialized in real estate development. Our company gained this high reputation because of the approach, techniques and skills we always execute during the developmental processes.

Two Important Categories of Real Estate Developmental Activity

Our company aims to provide a great help to their customers. That is why, we always give them two developmental activities that they may choose from. If you are not aware with these two options, here they are:

Land Developmental Activity

  • Our Company initiates land developmental activities wherein we always make sure that the real estate properties where our customers really wanted to build is situated in a proper place.
  • We also put emphasis on skilled land developers who would be guiding their customers with the type of land where their residential properties will be built. Our land developmental activity can completely help our clients in determining the suitable land or place where they can always build their real estate properties.

Building Developmental Activity

Upon knowing the exact location of the place where our customers wanted to build their real estate properties, our company would now be dealing with building developmental activities. This is now our time to lend you our construction contractors that would be responsible in building your real estate properties.

We would be rendering exceptional and convenient building approaches that would respond to your real estate properties development needs. We would always assure that we can be your best help in building and constructing your real estate properties at its best.

Why Develop Your Real Estate Properties On Our Company?

If you are looking for the best company that can always help you in developing your real estate properties, you need to consider the effectiveness and convenience of their service before dealing with them. Instead of worrying on where to depend on, why not depend on us?

Our company never fails to help you in acquiring the best type of real estate that suits your needs and budgets. Although you are going to take risk with the development processes of your real estate properties, this would always be worth if you are going to choose our company.

We always give you a high quality percentage of assurance that you can have the best types of real estate properties. We always aim to give customer satisfaction services. That is why, we extend our time and effort helping them out with their real estate development concerns as always.

Real Estate Rehab

Do you have old properties or houses that can still be used for other purposes? Then, at Vantage Investments LLC, we always make sure that we would be your best partner in restoring your old houses and properties. Through this, you can easily get a high investment profit. You can’t always vacant your house but restoring this into another convenient purpose would be more helpful than letting it destroyed little by little.

That is why, our company opens our doors in helping you out in saving your old properties and houses. We do this through transforming it into a highly developed real estate rehab. This is very essential to make sure that investing your money would be all worth it with the quality of result you are going to acquire with our services.

Our real estate rehab aims to help you in making a wise decision in restoring your houses without spending too much money and investments. We help you through giving you exceptional choices from among the rehab building approaches that we provide.

Our company has exceptional and well-skilled construction contractors that would help you with regards to the unique and creative transformation of your old real estate properties. They would be using systematic and creative approaches that would be best for the rehab you are trying to put up. We would always serve as your great guide in saving your properties to the extent that this would be immediately and completely build and transformed into a convenient type of rehab you always aspired to have.

We also spare enough time and effort in rendering rehab developmental services with your real estate properties on time. This is very important to assure that you can always have the best and effective results as soon as possible.

Vantage Investments LLC as an Excellent Real Estate Rehab Development Partner

Rehab development is not as easy as you think. It needs thorough processes and approaches to assure that you can always have the best rehab that will provide convenient and effective services not just for your sake but also for the sake of other people. That is why, you need to always spare time, effort and money in getting in touch with the best company that suits your needs.

At Vantage Investments LLC, you are always given the chance to acquire what you are really in need for when it comes to restoring and building your own rehab real estate properties. We are well-equipped with the right knowledge and skill when it comes to real estate developmental processes and approaches that are perfect for your investments. We have also exceptional and skilled contractors that would be in charge for building the desired rehab you really wanted to make. 

If you are longing to save their time, money and effort, always seek the best real estate rehab developmental services in your local area. To give you the best services you need, don’t hesitate to deal with us.

Our company will always provide you 100% guarantee that you will get a professional and quality service you need. Can’t wait to see how we work? Then, don’t just sit back and relax. Start making a right move now! Contact our in-charged personnel and you will understand what makes us in demand and effective. Like others, you will surely be amazed on how we meet your needs!

About Us

Vertie LLC embodies the origin of the spirit and inspiration of the company founder, Ms. Vertie Roland.  Ms. Roland worked tirelessly for the City of San Diego while managing her own demure real estate empire.  She emboldens the drive, focus, and determination, which serve as the vision and organizational foundation of Vertie.

In honor of her foundation and legacy, we built Vertie to provide strategic partners and customers with an organization committed to integrity and a driving force for positive change to the communities we serve.  As we like to say, “We don’t do it our way, we do it ‘Vertie’s way” which means that the job is not done until it exudes an indisputable level of quality and commitment toward the goal.  That’s the “Vertie Way” and we endeavor to provide that for each real estate opportunity and corporate partner.

This is our hope and spirit behind each developmental real estate endeavor.


Vanessa Levingston, CEO – Vertie

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